LG Smart TV USB HDD / Flashdrive compability for recording


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Got an LG Smart TV : model: 27MS73V-PZQ. Quite a few years old.

Every memory stick / HDD I've got and tried doesn't work for recording. TV sees the devices and can probably open files on the stick if there were any (I can drill into the drive and folders)

I've tried Sandisk Extreme Go, Sandisk Extreme Cruzer and even a Verbatim USB HDD plus some smaller unbranded sticks.

I also tried formatting the disks with a 4GB partitions to FAT32 (sacrificing 60+GB of usable space in the process just to rule file system compatibility)

I believe firmware is up to date. When I click Record, I get the message "to use Time Machine II, connect USB device to USB1 port". The drive is in USB port 1. When I plug the drive it, it tells me it's been plugged in and asks if I want to open it. Plug it in port 2 and I get no response so the other port must be right.

Anyone have a similar TV and know how to get this working?

EDIT: Just noticed there's an LG sub forum. @mods please move there if more suitable. Thanks


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It looks as though the HDD you've used has at one time been used in a Mac PC for backup hence the “Time Machine” message.
Are you trying to record from the Freeview Guide?


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Hi JayCee. Not possible. I formatted them and just created new partitions to try to get it working and I've not plugged those drive into a Mac, ever.

Might be a happy coincidence of LG also using the term Time Machine in their software for the recording.

I've set up Time Machine for Mac before and you need to initiate the drive and specifically set the drive for Time Machine on the Mac.

Yes, Freeview Guide or just hit REC on the remote during a programme. Was hoping to give myself the ability to pause and rewind live programs but mainly the ability to schedule recording of programs.

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