LG Smart TV...Facebook removal notice.

Discussion in 'LG TVs Forum' started by con100, Jan 30, 2014.

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    Hello to all. I have browsed the AV forums lots in the past but this is my first post here so i hope you will forgive if the question is old news or if i am asking in the wrong forum.

    Just today i noticed on my LG tv's app homescreen a notice from lg stating that the app "Social Center" is to be removed when i highlighted this notice it informed that both Twitter and Facebook would also be removed within the app. As my TV is only a few weeks old and am not really familiar with smart telly in general i was wondering if anyone here could tell me if the FB/twitter apps would be removed completely or might they still be available as stand alone apps outwith this Social Centre app?

    Its no big deal really but slightly concerned that the other premium apps may follow suit... We enjoy the convenience of Netflix and Lovefilm on there and was bit worried we may be losing these also...in time.

    Thanks All for a top forum

    We have a few lg tv's but this is the only "smart" telly we own and already thinking its smart features are becoming redundant

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