LG Smart TV: Correct HDD for Record Functions?


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Hi There.

We bought around a year a go an LG (I haven't got the code to hand, but it's a 42" Smart 4K), and it has Time Machine as standard.

I've been meaning for ages to buy an HDD, and eventually bought a Toshiba USB3.0 1TB HDD (I can't remember if it is portable or external, but is cased and powered by the USB). It is formated to MS-DOS (FATS).
It does say on the spec it needs Windows operating system, but don't they all?

I connected this yesterday to the TV, and it was immediately recognised by Smartshare.
However, when I went to pause or record, it said that the device wasn't suitable (or wording similar to that) and I am therefore completely lost.

1. Are there different MS-DOS (FATS), and does tha make a difference with its function on Smart TVs?

2. Does it matter if it's a portable or external drive, and if so, which is the correct one?

3. Is there anything I should be doing to the TV (I did go through functions, but couldn't find anything)?

4. Are there any specific recommendations for an HDD?

5. Any other recommendations?

Thanks in advance from a complete novice.



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