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Indeed. I got a 5-yr warranty free when I bought both my 2019 TVs from Crampton and Moore. The deals are out there, at the right times, of course.


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Yep @Clem_Dye 👍😊 All these Major retailers offer 5 Years with all their electronic products and they price match each other now.. Which is even better.

John Lewis
Richer Sounds
Crampton & Moore
Peter Tyson
Sevenoaks Sound & Vision
Even dreadful Curry's 😡😡😡😡


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Hi Guys,

Unfortunately I do need a telly pronto, as this is my family's main Tv. Still got the samsung, which is getting picked up next week, and day later the LG will arrive. im sure it will be fine. Fingers crossed. Ive seen the hisense 55U7QFTUK come down in price now, review on this forum look and sound great..can get this from RS for £699..but I rather be part of the LG Crew!


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Btw @halster65 This review just came out from What Hifi and it gave that Hisence a slating /modest review stay clear of that model..

The only Hisence I would have considered if I were going for a Hisence would be the new Hisense H9G which only seems to be available in the US and that particular model definitely has had some very positive reviews around social media and critic reviews alike . :smashin: :thumbsup:


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Oh dear, thats terrible! Well cross that one off the list. I'm running out of alternatives within my budget if the 8500 doesnt work out. Im surprised the samsung Ru8000 got a very good review on that website, i wasnt going to put another samsung on my list, but going by the review, it might have to. Ive also got the philips 8204 on my list, but that seems hit and miss with people, some says its great, but others say the light bleed is terrible..


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Oh dear, thats terrible! Well cross that one off the list. I'm running out of alternatives within my budget if the 8500 doesnt work out. Im surprised the samsung Ru8000 got a very good review on that website, i wasnt going to put another samsung on my list, but going by the review, it might have to. Ive also got the philips 8204 on my list, but that seems hit and miss with people, some says its great, but others say the light bleed is terrible..

This is @halster65 So called "light bleed" varies from panal to panal. The review for the SM8600 had the same sort of issues with regarding Light bleed and contrast levels...and HDR NIT ratings it got a reasonable reviews.

However iv not personally experienced any of those on my 55SM8600. I find the light bleed on my Panal to be only marginal compared to what the reviews were stating.

And as far as HDR10 & Dolby Vision preformance goes its first rate its way more than bright enough for me. Compared to my previous 2017 49SJ810V Nano model this 55SM8600 pisses over it quality of brightness and quality of colours are fantastic!. I watched the film The Martian in HDR10 last weekend must have been the 5th time iv watched that film but the. First time on my new 55SM8600 I personally could not fault it.

Very bright pictures nice and crispy sharp images and colours in my opinion were first rate and this is on a so called "IPS" panal that folks constantly seem to slate.

Yes their is some light bleed but not in anyway to the extent that it absolutely hampers the whole movie experience or it becomes "unwatchable".

Iv even watched Tim Burtons Batmans 1st film from 1989 and 2nd film from 1992 in felt the HDR10 quality was outstanding and colours were amazing realy nice and strong saturated as it should be.

I find the upscaling of 1080p content to "near 4K" when watching content on either Prime Video or Netlfix to be first rate. I personally put that down to LGs Alpha 7 2nd Gen CPU they use it does indeed makes a huge difference to the whole experience...

Anyways that's my point unfortunately experiences with these TV and panels can variey from person to person and I always take all reviews with a pinch of salt I never take them as gospal.

I'm a big fan of company's like Rtings.. And What Hifi and even Vincent Techo at HDTV Test but I certainly don't always agree with their results as it can be so subjective.

My case alone with my 55SM8600 proves just that. I have very sensitive eyes so I can't watch any HDR10 and or DV Content with the back light set to 100 % or contrast at 100% in my opinion and my eyes I feel the pictures look dreadful and ridiculously well over saturated to the extent the colours clip and causes lots of detials to be lost.

So I certainly use all the calibration settings that rtings posted on their website and fully calibrated my TV with their settings but just modified HDR10 and Dolby Vision.

I have contrast set at 80% which I know for a fact any higher will over saturate the colours and cause "clipping". I have the back-light set at 80% for HDR10 as that's way bright enough for me and 70% for Dolby Vision anymore I feel it starts to strain my eyes and gives me bad migraines and thats after using "Bias lighting".

for all other SDR content I have the back light on 42%. This way not only I'm protecting my health eye sight I'm also helping to prolong the lifespan of the back lights of the TV having them maxed out for very long periods of time is a real bad idea I don't care what the experts or reviews state it will strain your eyes and burn out the back lites much faster.


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Just had another quick look for the sm8500, and in stock at ebuyer for less than AO! Need to ask if they would price match, its £559 at ebuyer!


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Bloody hell 🙏 sorry for the lanugaue @halster65 seriously!!!!.

I resly did not think prices matches worked for Web based companies only.

I new general rule of thumb with most price matching from John Lewis to RS or visa versa.. Crampton & Moore.. Hughes ect was within 28 days as long as the competition /competitor had a least 1 unit in stock and the company had to have a handful of chains on the main High Street then you would get your "price matched".

So that's a new one even for me buddy I thought it was going to be 50/50.

That's £60 saving towards the cost of D&G 4 years warranty big well done. See it does pay off to do plenty of digging and research 👍🤓 :thumbsup:


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Thanks buddy! Im well chuffed. AO do say on their website they will price match any otjer retailer, so im guessing it includes web only stores...too.

Ive posted in the LG forum for the availability of this model, in case anyone else wants to grab one!

All i need is for this to be delivered!


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Tv got delivered at 8am today, and have just set it up! Wow, i am well impressed! Not configured yet, but what ive seen already looks awesome and sounds awesome...there is no need to attach my soundbar.

I've noticed a small light bleed, but its tinny but doesnt effect the picture tbh, but then i might have to see how it is at night. But yes, well happy with the tv!


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Hi @halster65 that's fantastic news 👍News buddy glad so far so good.

The thing is absolute "light bleed" it's very subjective from panal to panal. Their are absolutely no IPS/VA panals don't simply don't produce light bleed it's simply inherent and as part of the technology when it comes to so called Edge lite. "Direct lite" is a different matter obviously that comes from behind rather than the sides so light bleed will be very minimal and even with direct lite panals they are absolutely still subject to the so called blooming, banding & uniformity.

Anyhow I find with the light bleed on my 55SM8600 which is now 5 months old this month very minor moderate to minimal to be honest. It's their because of the technical limitations or or how that given panal was produced in the factory.

The thing is.. Is to determine what defies as bad light bleed does it completely hamper your viewing experience.. Is it that bad that's its acutally a local dimming issues and that is also very much subjective from person to person.

Does the panal have moderate /servare banding.

Their are absolutely way to help control light bleed.. How high you have your back lights..luminance levals also how have you setup local or FALD.. How high have you set the contrast..

Have you used "bais lighting"... So plenty of ways.

I get some pretty decent black and contrast levals on my 55SM8600 based using it in my environment.

I use Bias lighting from Amazon and that helps a huge amount for my eyes health contrast and getting rid of headaches when watching the TV for many hours.

I find having the back lite luminance leval as low as possible don't or no need to crank it up so high. That alone definitely improves on back levals and light bleed.

Set the TV calibratie the TV take plenty of time most people it normal takes a good few weeks to get a decent settings that your very happy with.

In my case I spent a good afternoon early evening setting up my 55SM8600 with rtings calibration full settings and on my panal it's bloody worked realy well way way better than out the box settings.

In my Studio flat I have the back light down to 42% for day and night SDR viewings and I find that spot on and because of that I get decent blacks and contrast levals.

I made some minor changes from rtings I changed the "brightness" leval down just a few notches to 48% as that helped boldern/strengthen up the blacks and helps give edges a stronger feel without crushing finer detials in the picture. Again it's all about making the smaller tweeking adjustments here and their to get it just spot on to your liking.

Everything else with ISF Dark Mode is perfectly set with tru motion set off.

With HDR10 I have back lite luminance down to 80% and contrast down to 80%. If I have the contrast higher than 80% with either HDR10 Or Dolby Vision it's starts to clip the pictures. I can't stand having backlite & contrast at 100% for me it looks horrible way over the top with colours looking well over saturated and the panal is just ridiculously to bright it blurs out all the finner details on the pictures because it's simply just to bright. Not to mention your driving your backlites hard for long periods of time this will no dought hamper the longevity and simply burn out your back lights faster.

This is how I have my TV 📺 setup in my flat obviously its very subjective and won't work with others each to their own.

It took me many weeks even after using rtings settings just to make some smaller adjustments here and their but on the hole I can't fault the TV in all honesty. I think 🤔 people are very quick of the mark and just constaly Wright off IPS panels why.. I'm a pure example where I having a awesome experience. Iv watched tons of 4K HDR10 moves on my external 1TB HDD plugged into my TV from Jaws, to Batman to Independence Day.. To 1917 to 2001 a Space Oddesy to Midway 2019 and all came out realy pretty awesome results even with the so called minor lite bleed I just ignore it and it resly does not bother me and that watching all these films at night. :thumbsup:
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I just followed your setting just now and its already made a huge difference to the bleed... Hardly see it now..i goto say briefly looked at some 4k HDR vids on YouTube and they look incredible!

Played some 4k movies of plex, and again look so good. Looks like im gona have to rewatch couple of them again..

Not had a proper chance to go through the setting as my 4 yr old 'needs' youtube on all


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Hi @halster65 that's awesome buddy. Well so far so good then. 🤓Just in time for for the weekend. Ahh the little fella must have his youtube keeps them quite for a while 😂 😂 😂.

Oddly enough iv been doing that a the films that I had watched on my previous LG iv been rewatching on this one.

Some of the very best movies like Tim Butons Batman's film newly restored into 4K Ultra-HD HDR look stunning in my view and the holy grail for me has to be the 50th Anniversary Editions of Stanley Kubrick 2001: A Space Odyssey will literally blow you out your seat iv watched this film now 6 times and of those times were on the 55SM8600!! Then theirs The Shinning another monster 👾 for me Anniversary Edition 4k HDR10 the quality of some of these 4k transfers will blow your head of.

Last week I watched again 2015 The Martian for the 5th time.. Yep I'm a huge sifi fan and I love my sifi horrors as well.

My previous 2017 49SJ810V Nano was pretty dam good and I was very impressed with that.. However getting this 55SM8600 the difference in quality 3 Generations newer is remarkable street's ahead in sheer terms of both Upscaling 1080p content to near 4K and actual native 4K HDR10 Content like BBC Blue Planet II, Planet Earth II that I have as a Digital Download from my sources looks frankly stunning and this is on a so called "avoid IPS screens" "dreadful for contrast" "terrible blacks" lousey HDR10 preformance... Ect.. Ect.

Iv had now 2 LG Nano models and both times Iv been more than happy with the overall performance and quality!!.

I mean this time last year around May/June 2019 these 55SM8600 /55SM8500 models were selling for around £1.3k so in my eyes not cheap.

Like you it's an investment the way I see it. Maybe.. Just maybe by the time I next upgrade possibly LG OLED'S will have come down more in price if not then I'm most likely to stick with LG Nano Range or Sony if I were not going with LG that is.

Lastly I'm sooooooooo glad that I took the opportunity and when I upgraded my previous LG 2017 49SJ810V because it became faulty John Lewis were impeccable with their standard of customer service iv been with them for years and years now I held out and paid the difference from a 49 to a 55SM8600 I was concerned that it would be overkill for my studio flat but acutally it bloody turned out possibly to be one of the best decisions iv made in years in regards to TV/Hi-fi upgrades. It was originally £129 difference then I wait and wait bided my time then it dropped to £70 difference and my buget was £100 Max but I new I could better than that.

Anyhow the Customer Service Manger at John Lewis did me a deal and instead of just extending my warranty for another 6 months carried over from my previous model John Lewis did it as an upgrade they dropped the price down to £50! And they have me a brand new full 5 years warranty.

Like you I was absolutely jumping up and down like a 10 year old boy on the phone and without any hesitation I paid Stright away. I was transfered to their finance department and paid then and their 1 week before lock Down and quickly booked a delivery for Tuesday 1 week before Government locked the UK down I was like Pheeeeewwwww.

Anyways so I absolutely know the feeling and I'm still smiling ☺ now 4 months on.

If you need any extra help or tips just post I'll help out no worries and I'm sure @Clem_Dye will as well he also owns the SM8500. :thumbsup:


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Hey Buddy .. @halster65 How have things been going any new news still all good or some unfortunate problems :thumbsdow:thumbsup:

So far good tbh, apart from the small light bleed which I cannot un see now! My eyes are always going to that when I'm watching something lol, but it doesn't affect the picture. I've turned off the dimming feature, as the blooming is really bad, off is much better.

Over all, I'm very happy with this TV, my kids are getting annoyed with me when were watching, I'm always changing picture settings though!


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The local dimming is a bit of a brute force solution but I prefer to try and keep it on.

Today I watched Apocalypse Now via the Apple app. It looked great apart from the dark scenes.. for example Kurtz near the end. Everything was default so local dimming on high & the flashing was really noticeable.

And just watched Umbrella Academy S2 E3, again all default cinema home dv but with power saving on medium & it was perfect, no blooming or flashing.

Something that has surprised me with my set.. I'm usually very sensitive to the soap opera effect.. but I really can't notice it with this TV, so tend to leave the feature on its default of clear.

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