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Hi All. Just a warning/head up - hopefully I'm not breaking any forum rules by posting this.

LG and Sky are currently running an offer for cashback on 3DTV's as you can see from this thread:


I just ordered a 55LW650T from Currys just prior (fortunately) to this deal going live. Currys have now increased the price of this model by the amount of cashback you would receive under this offer, therefore Currys get the £100 extra instead of the customer. I've checked the prices with other retailers and can't find any of them doing the same so their customers will benefit from the deal (I checked prices for th 55LW550T and these haven't increased - I've been monitoring them for the last few weeks as I was possibly going for that model instead).

So just a warning - if you are hoping to take advantage of this deal then don't bother with Currys.

I'm seriously considering cancelling my order and getting 550t instead as I really don't feel like giving my money to Currys now!


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In fact I've also emailed their MD to express my disgust with them. Email below:

"I am emailing you as I am absolutely disgusted with your approach to the current Sky/LG cashback offer on 3DTV's. I have just ordered an LG 55LW650T from you at a price of £1399 (fortunately for me prior to the cashback offer starting). This model qualifies customers for £100 cashback from LG under the current offer, however as soon as the offer went live you increased the price to £1499. This is an atrocious thing to do when this deal is supposed to be benefitting Sky customers – not retailers! By taking your approach, Sky customers are simply getting the same deal as I did a few days ago, however all non-Sky customers will now be paying a premium. This isn't how it should work.

I have checked other retailers that qualify for the deal and they have kept their prices the same – their customers will actually benefit from the deal. Your approach is completely unfair to your prospective customers and I will be warning potential customers of this on the audio visual forums of which I am a member.

I also noted recently that when your 3DTV10 discount code was live you didn't actually have an of the model I was after in stock. Miraculously you had stock back in the day the offer finished. Hmmm, why am I not surprised?

I know this complaint doesn't affect me directly so don't require any action in my case, however that doesn't mean as a customer of yours I don't have an opinion.

To be frank I am seriously considering cancelling my order altogether and purchasing the 55LW550T from a retailer who puts their customers first. It may be a slightly less spec'd model, however at least I'll feel happier with where my money is going.

Yours sincerely,"


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I'm not a Sky customer unfortunately. And even if I were, if I wanted the 650t then Currys are the only UK retailer that stock it so would pay an extra £100 just to claim the £100 cashback.


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Well I have to say I've got to give full credit to Currys this time. Just had a call from Adam from their Customer Relations team and he apologised for this situation and said they are looking to investigate why the decision was taken to increase the prices and adjust them back ASAP. He also gave me a £25 voucher for taking the time to email them.

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