Question LG SK10Y + LG C7 (OLED65C7P) + PS4 Video Sync Issues

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When I switch inputs on the TV to Soundbar, then on LG Soundbar over to the PS4, it almost never syncs the video on the first try. I need to turn off the Soundbar to get it to display the video properly. The video in the bad state will flicker the PS4 screen and have other various artifacts on blotchy colour on the screen. It definitely does not work if I try and switch the Soundbar first, then the TV, had zero success there, at least the other way works 20% of the time without a power off then on.

One restart usually does it, but sometimes I need to switch the LG TV off the soundbar input and over to any other input, then back to soundbar, then restart the Soundbar for it all to sync, after restart I also need to put it back to HDMI1.

I have the TV connected via ARC to the Soundbar, I have the PS4 connected to HDMI1 of the Soundbar.

I honestly would have preferred the PS4 to the TV as well, but I was not able to get Dolby Atmos to work via ARC at the time. I hate having to use the extra remote of the Soundbar to switch over to the PS4, would love if this could work directly into the TV but assume thats a ARC issue not wanting to send back PCM to the Soundbar.

The TV (4.70.36) and Soundbar (18061178 - Android App reports this) and PS4 have all the latest updates.

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