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2 years ago I got the LG - SJ6 which works superbly with my LG TV (through the "LG TV" Function wirelessly via bluetooth. When connected, the device still advertises itself as a free "bluetooth device"... In the "LG Music Flow Player" app (iOS), once set up, the wifi etc.. connects fine, the TV connects automatically, turns it on and off auto antically etc..

Even though connected with the TV via the "LG TV" or "Bluetooth" function, the SJ6 still shows up as an unsecured device.

So back in the Music Flow settings, p the only bluetooth related options are:

"Bluetooth Standby Mode"


"Bluetooth Connection Restriction"


None of these options secure it if the TV connects bluetooth. If I use optical or HDMI, then set the "Bluetooth Connection Restriction" option then it's fine, but I can't connect pre-paird devices with it, e.g. iPods etc..

Is there an alternative settings app that works better than Music Flow? (the Music Flow Bluetooth doesn't work at all).. Or is there a better firmware than the one I've got installed (or even an opensource/alternative firmware?)

Currently the Firmware info is
Main: NB8.249.81011.C
Sound Effect: 161104B0
MICOM: 1704210
Chromecast: 1.21.75965

What I'm trying to achieve either only let the sounder have one bluetooth connection at a time, e.g. the TV then it's not available, or literally have pre-paired devices, or even a pairing pin to prevent anonymous connections.

There's nothing worse than kids getting bored in the bedrooms and deciding that "Frozen - Let it Go" is best heard at -100dB at 4 a.m.!

Any help would be appreciated.



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