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I recently purchased a LG SJ3 300W soundbar which I have connected to my Sharp LC-60LE636E TV via optical cable.

The problem I'm having is firstly I can't find anywhere on the TV to disable the inbuilt speakers so I get sound from the TV speakers and from the sound bar, the only way I have found around this is to plug a 3.5mm audio cable into the headphone port on the TV which then disables the speakers and the sound comes through the soundbar only.

The second issue is that the TV remote controls both the volume on the soundbar and the TV at the same time, so for example if the TV remote catches the sensor on the TV when I am trying to adjust the volume then it will start adjusting the volume on the TV itself and not the soundbar, if I manage to point it at an angle that only the soundbar picks it up then it adjusts the volume on that.

This is the first soundbar I have had and I'm just wondering If I am missing something with the way I have set it up as it's a bit of a pain. If there was a way to disable the TV speakers and the remote do nothing when pointed at the TV for volume that would be ideal.



The user manual for the TV suggests a few things for connection via optical. The audio menu doesn’t seem to have the option to select TV or optical speakers though.

Connecting an audio device via optical says to go to digital audio out settings. Those apply to ARC and optical. Have you set those as per the box on page 27?

page 43 has some audio stuff that doesn’t seem to apply to optical but who knows.

the soundbar is simple it seems


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