LG Show Off 55" OLED TV ahead of CES 2012


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Are they going to have anything big to announce at CES? After already lifting the lid on their 84" 4K 3D TV a few days ago, LG have shown off a 55" OLED display that is also sure to be one of the most talked about items in Vegas. You can keep your 4K tellies, as far as we're concerned, having true blacks and astonishing contrast performance is of far more interest.

By incorporating the company’s 4-Color Pixels and Color Refiner features with LG Display’s advanced OLED (organic light-emitting diode) panels, LG reckon their OLED TV generates the 'most natural colours' of any TV set at a much lower price point than could have been achieved using the standard manufacturing process.

“Working closely with LG Display, we have a product which not only delivers on all the advantages of OLED over LCD but at a significantly lower cost than what could be achieved using existing OLED manufacturing technologies,” said Havis Kwon, President and CEO of LG Electronics Home Entertainment Company. “OLED is clearly the future of home TV entertainment and LG is very focused on making this exciting technology as easy as possible for consumers to embrace.”

What sets LG’s TV picture apart from other OLED TVs is 4-Color Pixels and Color Refiner which work together. The 4-Color Pixels feature is said to allow for more accurate colour depiction by using a set of four colors (red, green blue and white) in comparison to the RGB setup used by other OLED TV manufacturers. Color Refiner is supposed to ensure consistency in colours from a wider viewing angle via an LG algorithm which 'improves and refines hues and tones'. Naturally we'd like a look at that before commenting.

It's certainly a bit of a looker with LG's Narrow Bezel design and at only 4 mm thin and a mere 7.5 kg, LG’s OLED TV is obviously a great candidate for a sexy wall mount set up.

Look out for more coverage in our dedicated area, starting next week.



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This is exciting. It also makes perfect sense to me. Printing uses secondary colours and black, so using primaries and white for a display seems quite natural, as long as the white OLEDs are the correct colour temperature (I'm sure they've researched that minor detail!).

I do however have some concerns over life expectancy, unless they've also cracked that one. Does OLED suffer from dead/stuck pixels? I haven't heard that it does.

Looking forward to some more coverage on this... :D


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I have been dreaming of Large OLED displays since I first seen a small OLED Photo frame some years back, it was stunning!

I guess we have the global economy to thank for technologies like this not being mainstream already but you have to take your hat of to LG for investing so heavily in a new tech in this period, well done! :thumbsup:

LG OLED? looks like the Samsung Series 8
I think if you see them side by side you might not think that :laugh:
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