Question LG SHARPNESS DEFAULT 0% OR 10% OR 50%


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Hi Folks , I'm a little confused ...

I had set my 2017 LG 49SJ800V Sharpness to 0% as I presumed this was to add no sharpness at all .

However I have come across a few various threads including AVFORUMS where some folks have actually stated that 10% is the default for 0 or some folks have stated that setting the shapeness to 50% was to not add or subtract shapeness .

I used to have a Sony 2015 Android TV and Sony sets theirs shapeness leval to 50% as that's Sony default for 0% .

Anyone care to comment is setting it to 50% the same as 0% or is LG 10% the default ??? :love::rolleyes::cool:


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10% = 0 sharpness added
Hi Roku2 ... Thank you for answering my call !!! . Why in the hell is this not documented ahhhh so so annoying LGGGGGGGG....lol .

Well with Sony was the Same theirs was 50% and that took me time to realise that and Sony also did not document that either .

I did notice that under ISF Dark & Light model it set Sharpness to 10% or was that Technicolor mode cant remember and thought nothing of it so just hit 0% .

Dam it Iv had that for a year now how strange at 10%.... why not 50% or 0% would make logical scene how these big companies like keeping their customers on edge .:facepalm::thumbsup:


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ISF mode is set at 10% to make sure that you get a picture devoid of any artificial sharpness, which is 0 sharpness ;)


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Hi Roku , Thank you once again . So I understand that setting sharpness to 10% on any of the following options Technicolor expert,Standard or Cinema Home options will set the sharpness also to 0% which is exactly what I want .

Dam it that means for a whole year I have been adding softness (negative) to the picture by mistake.

well I am going to amend that straight away .:smashin:


Sharpness 0 is correctly! With 10 you have white lines and you will destroy pixel details. Look testpattern. For a perfect natural picture 0. With every step over 0 you fake the image.

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Hi @ZockBobOmb to be honest Iv been very confused 😕 with this particular option for many years now. So many folks say 10 then some folks say 0.

Iv tryed both and in my opinion I find that 10 is way to much Sharpness to the degree that it looks like it's an aggressive Sharpness to much even at 10.

So in the end sevral months back I just tunred it back to 0 with edge enhancer at off anyway and I find it's still nice crisp and Sharpe more than enough.

In fact watching any 4K DV via Netflix or 4K HDR10 content via Prime Video is very Sharpe and crisp picture. Even watching older content or films via Prime Video /Netflix with 1080p content it's still way more than enough Sharpness so from now on I'm leaving it at 0. Their does not seem to be any form of so called "softening" processing of the picture with it set to 0 either. :thumbsup:

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