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This is an issue I have had with LG oled.
I bought a 55” OLED IN June of 2017. In December of 2019 the panel had severe burn-in. Apparently this is a problem with the OLED screen according to blogs and three repair techs.

LG replaced the panel. The next day the TV when turned on only sound came on. After trying several times to get the tv picture to come on, I unplugged it to see if it needed to reboot. The picture and sound came on. This continued every time we tried to turn the tv on. We called LG and they sent out a new tech. After determining that it was an issue, a new mother board / computer was ordered. When it arrived and was installed, it froze the tv and could not be replaced. A new one was ordered. It too arrived and had the exact same issue. LG then decided that the wiring harness was the issue. After three attempts to switch out wiring it still didn’t work. Both the tech and a senior tech engineer stated to me that it was a defective panel, the one replaced, and one was ordered. When it arrived with the tech, LG did not give them permission to change it but had them once again try wiring and new electronics. It’s now August of 2020 and LG determined it is not repairable and offered is 1367 dollars for a 2200 dollar tV. How is that right? 7 months of frustration culminating in a less than acceptable result. All the parts have been replaced and a defective panel was given so we get this offer. I was not asking for the moon. Just for my tv to work. Is this the type of repair / quality LG wants to portray? I need you to repair the tv and replace the defective panel, according to your tech’s or replace it. Please do the right thing.

Thank you.

they keep telling me they will contact. Nothing in 2 weeks. I

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