Lg Rz42 Px11- Ongoing poor picture quality



Hi All

This is my first posting and I apologise if I'm going over old ground. I have read all previous threads regarding picture quality on my new Lg Rz42 Px11 and I'm still struggling to get a decent picture. I have tried all recommended settings from other members and nothing seems to resolve the following issues- 1. the screen can not handle fast moving close up images i.e the picture disintegrates and then re-forms and 2. Colours on people skin seem to struggle when close up- the term might be solarisation.

My set up is- dvd via scart to AV1 and Sky box via scart to AV2.

I hope someone can advise how to resolve the situation as I'm pulling my hair out.


Daddy k

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always put sky to av1 the only rgb scart (bummer)
then if poss try dvd via s video
thats my setup and one im v happy with


You don't know which firmware you have? The picture breakup thing has been cured on other LG PX11s with new firmware. Or at least some of them. If you don't have a video, you could scart the DVD player to VCR scart of sky box, and move sky TV scart to input 1. Turn on the DVD and it will appear instread of sky. Both are on RGB then, make sure it's enabled in the sky and DVD menus.


Maw is spot on if you've no component out on the DVD.

If you plug in a pioneer 575 via component and put SKY into AV1 things will be so much better.

Make sure RGB and 16x9 are selected in the SKY box.

Compoent from the 575 has so much more life and colour. When I tried DVD via RGB I was not impressed and for the price of £100 all in it would be some upgrade.


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