Lg Rz42 Px11 - Flickering Brightness


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Does anyone else face issues with their LG screen, where the screen brightness flickers. It happens mostly on dark scenes, where the brightness will drop and then rise again, sometimes repeatedly. It happens on both DVD and SKY viewing. Does anyone else have this problem? Is it normal? Should I call in an engineer?
Thanks in advance.....


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had this problem with my first one which went back, but i started to get it on my second so ive played with the settings and it semms to have gone away.

switch to pc mode

contrast 76
brightness 59
colour 55
sharpness 65
xd off
red -25
blue -20
green -30

plus after about 200 hours it all seems to settle down.

Daddy k

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thats pretty much the settings iv got including the colour settings ie red -25 which i think really helps,
however i recomend xd on makes things bit sharper like text.
reduce sharpness a tad thou!makes fast movement on faces a lot more stable at close inspection


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i find on motion blurness the more sharpness you have the more stable the picture is,but i am using a component coverter from my telewest box.

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