LG RZ42-PX11 and HDTV Success

Discussion in 'LG TVs Forum' started by mannyo, Mar 9, 2005.

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    Lastnight I was playing around with a Mediacenter 2005 PC hooked up to my screen via DVI cable and the graphics card is a HDTV enabled PNY Geforce 6600.

    I was having problems getting smooth TV from a resolution of [email protected] so set about trying different setting. I stumbled across a driver setting in version 71.xx of the driver that enabled HDTV output, so selected the 720P option. With this setting though I got to much overscan, so I tried another which was 1080P. The windows interface is barely useable, but the MCE interface works perfectly.

    As a result of enabling the HDTV output setting, the Nvidia DVD decoder then starts using the purevideo hardware in the graphics card. The colour is much better, and general image definition is superb when watching a DVD or LiveTV (Freeview from Nova-T PCI).

    I dont know if it will like HDCP, I guess it will be a wait till sky introduce their HDTV service.

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