LG RZ32LZ50 questions


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Hi All,

I know this set has been done to death on this forum, however, I'm hopinh someone can clear up some questions I have about this set.
-The specs state that it has DVI with HDCP compatibility - wouldn't that mean it's HD-ready ? (many posts state that it is not, so wondering why this is?).

-I am also confused about the component input and progressive scan capability of this set. I've seen that it only takes interlaced signal from the component input. According to specs I've seen, the set has Faroudja DCDI on-board - doesn't this mean that it would take the interlaced signal from the component input and convert to prog-scan anyway internally, perhaps surpassing the prog-scan chipset in many cheaper players?

-I have also seen some indications that it may take a progressibe component signal through scart1, as it is fully-wired. Any comments on this?

Thanks in advance.


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The second question is the answer to the first question. Prog scan in this set only works with interlaced standard definition sources, ie no 480p/576p/720p/1080i.

To have the HD Ready logo, a TV must accept 720p/1080i signals via DVI/HDMI AND component.
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