LG RZ20LA70 20in LCD



Can anyone recommend this tv? I can't find it in the shops on display.

Spec as follows.....

Specifications: Display format 4:3 screen
diagonal 20" (51 cm)
pixel format:640x480
pixel size 0,637 x 0,637 mm
Viewing angles: - 140° above/down
- 160° left/right Brightness 500 cd/m2 Contrast 500:1 capacity 70 W Standby consumption < 3 Sound output 2x5 W Response time 25 ms General functions/specifications: Pal/Secam - B/G, D/K, Secam L 100 program memories Pixel Channel: CATV/HYPER, VHF/UHF LCD type: Color activ matrix TFT LCD Color Depth: 8 bits, 16 Mil. Color Nicam/A2 stereo with Equalizer Windows OSD multi languages Auto volume Leveller, ACSM+, Child LOCK auto Sleep, Easy Picture, Easy sound, Quickview Program Edit, Top Teletext 110-270 V, 50/60 cycles per second (AC adapter) Connections: 1 x AV in 1 x s-video 1 x Scart 1 x headphone Dimensions: Mass (BxHxT): 590 x 213 x 457 mm cardboard weight: 9 kg

LG any good?

Any help would be appreciated.


I have the 15" one and the picture quality is very good.

My local Comet superstore has the 20" one on display - try popping to your nearest comet to see if they can order one in for you to demo.
Hi Techno freak,
Thanks for this. Have you seen the 20” screen? If so what do you think?

I have seen it - it looked pretty good in the shop, as good as any of the others in this price / size range.

Caseing wise, it is exactly the same as the 15" model but bigger.
Which Comet did you go to Tf? I have tried both comets in my area and they say its too new and is not in yet. For the price I can’t expect top notch but if the picture is lower than the average then I won’t bother.
I was also a little bothered that 20” would still be too small after being used to an old 28” tv but I guess you get used to it. 23” is just too expensive still (£1200 > ).

Thanks Techno freak

I wasn't impressed at all.... would rather save money and get a very good 17" Yes its smaller than a 28" CRT, but its fine for bedroom use.

Looking around, i have found the Sharp Aquos 22" Widescreen for £999....
The comet was in Teesside and I too would wait and save a little more if it to replace a 28".

I want another LCD for my bedroom but 17 - 20 is just that little bit too small.

I like the 26" JVC but my better half thinks that will be too big - 23" id proably the way to go for me.

I think it might pay to hold on a little while as it looks like the LCD prices are starting to come down a bit.

If you search on pricerunner or shopsmart you can find a few 22-23" wide screen models for around the £1000 mark.
oh well, I have just taken the plunge and purchased the TV! Its so new that its difficult to find out anymore about this set.

I musty admit , I have prepared myself for the down grade in size, but we have always said that the 28" (actually 27" when measured!!) is too big really for our lounge. Besides when you find a price online at £560 including free delivery then its a deal that cannot be missed really!!

Yes, you can hold on but electricals are always and will always get better and cheaper.

I'm sure they will get cheaper within the next year or so but I reckon i'll only keep this for 18-24 months and easily sell it on E-bay as its not as bulky as a full on dead weight television. I am pretty much prepared to loose a few hundred in this period. Mind you its £100 cheaper than most other online retailers and £350 cheaper than offline shops, so should be ok, providing the set is what I was expecting, quality wise etc.

I'll keep you posted!

Nice setup on your website by the way!



What was it that you were particulary not impressed with?

I guess I shouldn't really ask now I have ordered it !!?? :(

Originally posted by rich146

What was it that you were particulary not impressed with?

I guess I shouldn't really ask now I have ordered it !!?? :(


The picture wasn't as sharp as some of the others i've seen was basically it... ok it was in a store so unlikely to have been set up perfectly.

I'm sure you'll be happy when you've set it up to your tastes though :)
Its apparently only 640 x 480 pixel format. Do you think this might have something to do with the sharpness?

..so...? what's the verdict??
I must say, at that price I am very tempted... but then I am worried by the low resolution...

Can you update us pls?

No verdict as yet. have not received the unit yet. purchased online but QED managed to lose my details in the office , so did not process my order, even though my order showed up on the online tracking facility!!??
apparently sorted now, after having phoned them.
I am a little confused as to the resolution as I have seen other sites stating 1280 x 768 pixels as well as stating 640 x 480 ?

no details as yet on LG website. Very useful!!

I should get the tv sometime late next week.

I have simply taken the gamble and gone for this because of the price. Hopefully the price doesn't reflect too much on the picture quality. Couldn't find any reviews anywhere as its too new apparently.I'll post an update once I know more.

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