LG RZ20LA70 20" LCD


i havent bought one as yet, but am seriously considering it, like you thread says really difficult to get reviews, can you tell me what you think of it now? after you have had it a while?

As with virtually all 20 inch 4x3 LCDs this one has a very low resolution panel - only VGA (640x480). Pretty well all other sizes (smaller and larger) have higher resolutions, which makes the grid/pixel structure less visible.
Hi marco

It looks good and performs extremely well still! especially for the price!! The sound is not very bassy but the picture is very good in my view.
I have never had or viewed an LCD tv properly (other than in shops with bad reception) so can't compare to others but Its definately viewable and had many comments from other people saying how good the picture is. yes you probably can get sharper lcd but if you want sharper then spend another £500 and you will get sharper.Its still sharper than our old dead weight 28" conventional tv we had before. This tv is in my opinion is superb but I do think that it looks bigger when mounted on the wall at eye level than when lower on its stand/feet. I'll probably upgrade in a couple years time but for now , just to have the extra space in the room is brilliant in itself. Oh yes and a much nicer looking television to show off!!!

In reply to your comment, I was also expecting to see what you mention as in a more blocky pixelation on the screen but to be honest with you its very well hidden.The tv is very responsive to fast movement to which I gather has been a problem with past and some present lcd models.I think the pixelation on paper is quite missleading as there must be some new technology to improve the picture alonside the low resolution output. Why is it particulary common on 20" 4:3 lcd's to have low resolution?

right then... clear as mud.. !! no, seriously though i appreciate the replies, i am in a brave new world when it comes to anything other than a 28inch fat not flat tv.. my intention would be to wall mount the lcd, i cant really see the point not ! thats why i want one!! but as you say the money is minimal compared to others so i may just be taking that next step, so i am off to ebay to pay £30.00 to some czech fella who just emailed me about one .. (NOT!)

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