LG RZ-42PX11 screen problems



ok,recently got a LG RZ-42PX11 of a friend that was moving away sayin that it just needs regassing although to the best of my knowledge you cant have a plasma re-gasses,the problem is whatever connection i use i get a picture with color of which i can only just see because the is a fuzz/interferance over the top of the picture,was just wondering if anyone had any ideas about the problem or if anyone has had the same occurance,thx

Daddy k

Distinguished Member
yeah no wonder he went away after giving the "it needs regassing" line ;)

did he used to work in currys?

i had the same panel and had the same thing happened,
i heard it may be the video board which is around £300-£400 repair, so i binned it and got a 50"

perhaps you could buy one from fleabay with another fault and switch video boards?

there was 2 for sale a month ago with other faults


Thx for that,I never paid anything for the tv as thats why they gave it to me because of the fault,but it annoyes me how they can justify £400-500 onn a video board when tv's have gone down so much in price,but I think i will try giving lg a call first to see about a price,but thankyou very much for the help

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