LG RZ-42PX11 or Panny TH42-PA30E or Sammy PS-42D4S



Ok, this is what i've come to.

It's probably not the best of out there, but the price on those is about the max I can afford.

The panny i can get at around 1900 euro, the sammy and the LG at around 1600 euro.

What's best, what's worst in your oppinions ?

How's the LG PX11 ? I've read a few good things about it, but i've also soon plenty of people that praise Panasonic, though it's 300 euro more expensive..

Oppinions ?


Well lots of people suggest the PWD7 for quality, but you need connection box etc for it.

I want to have a peace of mind when I buy a plasma, just stick it on the wall and forget about it. The PWD7 is (to my understanding) basically a 42" plasma monitor that one "can" use as a television. Correct me if i'm wrong though.

Belgium here by the way, but i'll order my plasma from Germany most probably as I have some good suppliers there that I can profit from.

How's the LG PX11 ?

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