LG RT-39NZ40RB Rear Projection magnet staining problem.



Around 3-4 months after I purchased my new 5.1, my tv (only when playing xbox on 60hz) has like a red utline on everything to the right side, like the color red has been pulled away from were it should be.

Now, just recently I purchased an xbox 360, played it for around 2 days, showing it of to friends (turning the volume up pretty loud) now to the upper left side it looks as though the color yellow is being sucked out.

The worst thing is it wont go away! Previously, on my original xbox I changed it back to 50hz and it would go, I don't have that option with the 360. Is there anyway around this, I tried changing from a Component channel to and AV channel and it's the same. I tried Auto-Convergence quite a few times and it didn't work.

The weird thing is I have my PC running through my TV and I blast music all the time and it hasn't done a thing... it must have something to do with 60hz and 50hz?

Moving my speakers now probably won't undo the damage, will I have to replace the lamp, if so, can it be any lamp... if I was to get a rear pro lamp out of a larger LG rear pro TV would it work in my smaller one or not? Can you replace lamps yourself?

My TV: http://www.productreview.com.au/showitem.php?item_id=1306

Which is out of warranty.


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This is a 3xCRT projector, and on such a TV, magnetic interference can mess up geometry and convergence, but it cannot mess up colour balance. You most certainly sould move any external magnets from near the TV before trying to adjust out your faults.

Red outline is indicative of a convergence error - why this isn't corrected by the Auto method uncertain. Are there any manual methods?

Similarly if by "sucked out" you mean distorted and not aligned with the rest of the colours, then this indicates that actually your blue component is in the wrong place. Again, manual convergence adjustment should be used to correct it.

As for the lamp - 3CRT projectors don't have lamps; they have (as the name might suggest) 3 x Cathode Ray Tubes which produce the image and replacing these is not a DIY job. And no, you can't assume they are the same as those used on other TVs. In any case, it's not likely they need replacing. Much more likely, as I say, that you need to remove your external magnets and then get the convergence right.

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