LG RHT387H HDD/DVD recorder - Recent Problems


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November 2008 I bought a LG RHT387H HDD/DVD recorder from Currys, using Whatever Happens vouchers sent to me following my previously failed LG HDD/DVD recorder.

Since November 2008, my LG RHT387H HDD/DVD has generally been OK, but has had its occasional hiccups, particularly with dubbing HDD to DVD. If recording lots of short titles to HDD to DVD, it's tended to come up with "Cannot play back due to navigation error" or "An error in HDD recording and playback has been detected". Verbatim DVD-Rs in particular have resulted in this problem. Oddly enough though, by experimentation within the last year, this problem doesn't seem to occur with blank Memorex DVD-Rs, so lately I've tended to stick with Memorex ones. Why the machine should be so fussy about Verbatim discs but OK with Memorex discs seems odd.

The last few weeks my LG RHT387H HDD/DVD recorder has been extremely temperamental, in the following instances:
1) First turn it on, unit doesn't seem to respond to remote / unit buttons. If I do press one, it takes ages for the machine to respond (if at all), or even lead to freeze-ups - the only escape is to hold the power button in for 5 seconds.

2) A couple of weeks ago having had that said problem one evening, I left it unplugged overnight, it still exhibited the same symptoms when I first turned it on next morning. When I then left it alone for over an hour, it was working normally again and I was able to edit / archive to DVD material on the HDD I wanted to keep (thank goodness).

3) Recent timer events have failed to be recorded.

4) Yesterday first thing I turned the unit on, and hardly touched it all day. In the evening it was really temperamental.
a) I pressed record on the remote control, after a delay the machine started recording to the hard disk.
b) I pressed stop, after a delay the message "Writing the material on the disc" (or whatever) came up.
c) I pressed Menu/List, there was a substantial delay before LIST appeared on the front panel, and another delay before the navigator came up.
d) When it did, the navigator was all funny colours.
e) When I played a title, the colours were initially weird, but after a while (10 to 20 secs) normal colour resumed.

So I left the machine disconnected from the mains overnight last night, and first thing this morning a) replugged it, b) pressed the unit power on button. After leaving it alone about an hour and a half, I've managed to operate it successfully to "rescue" to DVD more wanted HDD material.

Thankfully I still have a Whatever Happens contract (extended warranty) on this machine which is due to expire on 14 Nov 2013. The obvious thing to do if these symptoms continue is to take it to Currys for repair. Snag is, if I do that, there's a 99% certainty they'll write it off and send me vouchers for a replacement HDD/DVD recorder. Fine if it had been a DVD-only recorder, but there's material on the HDD I want to keep, and I'd end up losing it this way.

It just seems odd that the machine can get into this "near dead" state, and then "miraculously recover" in this manner. Has anyone else experienced these symptoms with this machine (or its sister models which I think were to all intents and purposes the same model with a different sized HDD)?

If my LG RHT387H HDD/DVD recorder does give up the ghost one and for all in the next few weeks and I take it to Currys with my paperwork, and they end up sending me vouchers for a new one, I'm a bit concerned about getting another LG machine.

Just for the record, my last HDD/DVD recorder, which I bought from Currys in early November 2006, was a LG RH177 HDD/DVD recorder. At the time of purchase I took out Whatever Happens extended warranty on it. October 2008 it packed up (less than 2 years old), so I took it to Currys for repair, and they sent me vouchers for a new machine and new extended warranty rather than repairing the LG RH177. Indeed they told me on the phone the failed part was no longer available. So I used the vouchers to buy my current machine LG RHT387H HDD/DVD recorder in November 2008. If my LG RHT387H HDD/DVD dies, goes to Currys for repair, and I get sent vouchers for a new machine, should I replace it with another LG HDD/DVD recorder, or go for a different make?

What is the reputation of LG HDD/DVD recorders these days. A few years ago, from watching The Gadget Show, I was under the impression LG was a reliable make.


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I could have written all the above. I've had the delays, the red, yellow and orange list window, the 'live tv' going dark etc and the so-called Over The Air (OTA) update hanging forever until cancelled, then last week it went into an almost state of parallysis. I too found that, if left alone for an hour or so it would go alright. It's as if it was prioritising something else it was doing ahead of what you want to do. There's another thread in here called, Software upgrades/updates to LG DVD recorder which may help you flash the firmware, but perhaps you may need to read this other thread called, LG RHT 497H old software where? This has me slightly worried as i flashed the 110905E software before finding the updates to the thread. I've left the machine re-tuning and will test it later when i have the room to myself. You may wish to think about what flashing the software will do to your warranty! Good luck :)
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