LG RH177 HDD/DVD-recorder - stops recording when it should not



My LG HDD/DVD-recorder RH177 is 1.5 years old. Until now there have been no problems.

When I record at once on HDD (just press the record-button once), it continue recording for some time and then it stops recording automatically. Some times it record 10 seconds, sometimes 2.58 minutes and sometimes a minute or two. Always a different amount of seconds/minutes.

If I set the recorder to record in 5 minutes for 10 minutes or 2 hours, there is no problem. It records perfectly for the wanted time.

The problem is there no matter what channel I choose to record and it doesn't help to move the remote control far away. (So the remote control don't send a "stop" signal to the recorder.)

I have about 6 hours free space on the HDD and I guess I haven't used that space on the HDD before, so there could be an error on the HDD.

I have tried to delete an old recording which lasted 1.5 hours and then try again. I guessed that the new recording would be on that part of the HDD and therefore there would be no error. But it still can't record more than 2-3 minutes at once.

Can anyone help me please?

Morten Steengaard


Welcome to the forum Morton.

Thank you for a very accurately described and defined problem.

Unfortunately I have nothing useful to offer here as you seem to have tried and tested all reasonable approaches.

Could there be any other remotes present which could be responsible?
I have known trees modulate the sun to activate commands on a device before ... and certain types of lamp can produce spurious infra-red commands.

I suppose you could test for whether the stop command is entering via the IR receiver or is being generated internally by completely obscuring the front of the machine.

Also it would make sense to clean out any possible corruption before going any further by disconnecting the unit from the mains for an hour or so.

Good luck.


Hi Gavtech and thanks for the welcome!

I don't think there can be another source that activate the recorder. It has worked fine for more than a year standing in the same place in the same house. (And the neighbours live too far away.) And we haven't bought any new devices/lamps etc. for months.

Last night I removed the power completely for 5-10 minutes and then it could record for more than an hour - and then it stopped automatically when it shouldn't :mad:!

I also found out that I have the same problem if I just try to play an old movie from the start of the HDD OR a DVD. When I play it, it stops or pauses automatically after a few seconds or minutes. Sometimes it begins to play again automatically!

This is very strange...


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