LG remote acting up!


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I bought an Lg 42lw550t TV last week. Now I occosionally get a problem with the tv remote. Sometimes the tv doesn't get the signal at all. And sometimes it seems that the remote is sending the signal 5-15 times. During this period the standby light flashes multiple times. For example if I press ch+ the tv doesn't do anything or it changes channel multiple times. Then there are times when it works perfectly.

Thanks in advance!:hiya:


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you won't get solution here.. people will come, read and go! this is just a promotional forum as of my experience not solution provide.

Better call LG and ask them to visit your premises to fix this problem but before that, try to update the firmware of your TV and use new/rechargeable batteries etc for workaround. if not fixed, call LG.


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Explain in more detail.
What happens when you press button on remote and hide it from TV, led still blinking??
In most cases problem is with button on TV (one of the buttons have wrong resistance value) and in combo with remote tv starts acting weird.
You can use camera on your phone and point at remote IR diode and check what happens when you press a button on it (it flashes 1 time or multiple times??)
With this you can check if its remote or tv problem.
Hope it helps.

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