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LG PZ45 DVI Help!

Discussion in 'LG TVs Forum' started by Silent_bob_lx, Jan 22, 2005.

  1. Silent_bob_lx


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    Hello all

    This is a bit of a strange one, I have a LG PZ45 and I'm trying to connect it to my PC using the DVI connection, it kind of works with a Radeon 9800SE but I can only use 640 x 480 with 256 colors. The LG support team said it was due to the video card not being powerful enough to run it.

    Since then I've tried a Geforce 6800 Ultra Dual DVI, you don't even get any dispay with that, matrox parhelia same as the 6800 and some ridiculously priced Nvidia Quadro card which has the same results.

    All these cards work no problem with a little 19" LG TFT with the same cable, (DVI-D Cable) they also work using a VGA adapter using the VGA connection.

    The LG service bloke that came to have a look just turned up with a new cable, (Even though I told them I have tried 3, one of which was a high quality high priced thing)

    Has anybody else had this problem? Can someone put me out of my misery :mad:

    Just for your info, the manual states the display should do from: 640 x 350 upto 1280 x 1024.

    Thanks in advance

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