LG px11 problems


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hi all

i have had a px11 for little over a year now and have just started to have problems with bad picture

so i sent it away under warrenty and it came back worse than before the same problems were there and now it had developed greena dn blue sparkles on the right of the screen.

so i asked for it to be reparied again and they offered me a new tv so i accepted,

it turns out they meant different tv and gave me an old refurbed one with older software and worse picture with the sparkles again

any way im bored of this routine now and just want a new tv can i ask for this yet or do i have to wait?

it was bought through john lewis and i have been without a tv for over a month out of a year which is bad and im bored as it turns out this seems to be a common issue and one they apparently cant fix

am i right to start to ask for a new tv rather than a refurb?



Same story here........
Got a new PX11 last year, very happy at first, but after a month or two began to notice more and more sparkles on screen, phoned LG and they sorted it no problem, it was taken away and it took a local company nearly 3 weeks to fix, apparently everything bar the case and the speakers was replaced.!

Anyway that was great for months until the start of Feb this year, I had noticed that there were a number of sparkles during start up for the first few minutes, but it began to get progressively worse, with more sparkles across the whole screen, so onto LG again, they told me that they would organise a repair, so was later contacted by Serviscare who informed me they would supply a Grade A factory reconditioned unit, so after many reassurances they promised it would be a minted set. So it came, but the guys that delivered it would not help me rehang it on the wall so I was unable to check it prior to them leaving.....joy. Anyway it appeared ok for a day or two.....then more sparkles.....same as the last set. So back onto LG and the process started again, another call from Serviscare and another delivery which came yesterday, again the delivery guys were happy enough to take the set off the wall but would not assit getting the replacement back up.....:mad: Probably just as well they left before I turned it on as it was by far the worst of all the sets so far. And to add insult to injury....there were 2 stuck pixels, stuck on red....:mad: :mad: So phoned LG immediately and explained again........, they are now arranging another replacement, this is their last chance as far as I am concerned,


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well you have more patients than me mine is going back now and will be replaced probably by a new panasonic px60 if it has PIP!

good luck with yours!


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I've not had any problems with my PX11.. touch wood!


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If you bought from JL you are in a very strong position, no need to worry too much just explain the situation to them and ask for a refund/ NEW replacemnt of your choice to an agreed value. G1OSE interesting your planning a panny as replacement why not another LG?


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well at first i was going for the new 5 hd model
but after a quick bit of reading and a look at it i have decided that lg may not be for me afterall as the amount of problems i have had if 3 tvs have all had the same fault and many more on here i dont fancy going through it again

i dont really think i like the look of the hd version and with the panasonic coming out px60 at the same price i was thinking this may be the way forward

pioneer is a long shot as the missus likes it but dont like the price tag so thats a hopeful and tbh im not even sure where there is a grand difference!

what are your thoughts?


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I am in no fan a FAN of plasma TV's but if thats what you want then your choice is always going to be a compromise Dont buy unseen and dont buy if you are unhappy with the demo

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