Lg PX11 hooked to Media Center PC?


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Jan 22, 2003
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I am looking to purchase a media center Pc and hook it up to my LG px11.

My question is i have always seen these hooked up to 32" lcd's and not plasmas and was wondering why?

Also when i hooked my laptop to my LG through VGA the pc text was almost unreadable although you could work out what it was. is it going to look like this or is there a setting i will need to change.
I will be connecting through DVI will this improve things over VGA?

Has anyone got a picture of there pc connected to the LG showing text like on the desktop icons either via VGA or DVI?

Also as a side question has sky and or lg sorted them selves out with a code that works yet done some searching but no definative codes
Perhaps better for the HTPC thread but anyway...There's a couple of points to remember...
1) You should differentiate between a Media Centre PC and a normal PC. You've got a big screen with a relative low resultion, less than your laptop probably.
2) The Media Centre PC has got a user interface with nice big bold text and buttons and designed to be operated via a remote control, so you'd never see the desktop when using it as a Media Centre pc....
3) I couldn't find any information on that screen besides the native resolution and inputs. So I don't know whether it is compatible with HDTV resultion, but it should be with normal PAL and NTSC resultions. So you should connect a Media Centre PC via the component inputs sending HDTV (720p or 1080i) or SDTV (480i/p, 575i/p) resolutions, if the DVI connection accepts those as well you may prefer to keep it all digital...

I was in the same space as you. I am thinking of building a Media Centre pc but wanted to try it first....Luckily my laptop has got DVI output, so I hooked it up to my Pio HDMI port, ensured my desktop was in 1280x720 and voila a beautiful picture! To try it out without installing MCE on your laptop, download something like MediaPortal or the trial of TVEDIA...That will give you a proper idea what it will look like...

The key here is using the proper resolution...
DVI at 720p is likely to be the best compromise. Others have reported very favourably on the picture with the PX11. I have a LG RZ32PZ50 LCD connected to the office PC, that works very well at just about any DVI res, and it has the same chipset as the PX11 AFAIK. Pure trash on scart, but DVI excellent.
excellent well it isnt HD so it wont be the best picture but hopefully it will be better than when i hooked my laptop to it over the DVI.
I think im going to go for it anyway maybe i can buy something to wirelessly send the pc signal to my screen upstairs and use that for pc and as a MC on the plasma!

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