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LG PS3000 Grayish picture (like no backlight)


Standard Member

Ive used my LG PS3000 for 6 days now without problem. And when i get up this morning turn the TV on i can barely see anything..

Imagine a small PDA with broken backlight out in the sun. Thats how my picture is looking. Even tho i am in a dark room.

Does anyone have any ideas on what the problem might be?

S Bibby

Active Member
This doesn't sound good and it might be a fault, so I would have a dealer look at it. I'm not sure what settings the TV has but if brightness is high then the picture could wash-out to some degree.


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Yeah probably some hardware error :(

Too bad, gonna tell the dealer to ship ´me a new tv before i send this 1 back ASAP :p

The picture is bad both with analog, digital reciever and hdmi from computer :(

But is there noone who has experienced similiar error with lg plasma screens?


Active Member
Hi there,

I know this issue from a really cheap Philips plasma screen I once had.

This can occur if the manufacturers don't install ANY anti-reflective counter measures on the front glass.

Are you quite sure there is no light directed on the screen ?
This issue can be visible when sunlight or any other light-source is directed at the screen.

Double-check if it's also visible with no ambient light on.
If yes, dump the set - because then it's a fault !


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yeah ive tried it in a totally dark room, and its horrible still... :(

wonder what happened tho.. worked fine friday night.. i turn it off, goto bed and next morning its totally ****ed... :(

gonna phone the supplier tomorrow and confront them..

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