LG PM470T issue with BBCi player 'video quality' settings.


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My LG PM470T is connected via LAN cable to my router. I know I haven't the best internet connection in the world, but on my laptop & desktop, if I set BBCi player to 'lower quality', I can watch anything absolutely flawlessly, not one single buffer.

On my LG BBCi player settings, I have also set the 'video quality' (from the 3 choices of HD,SD &LQ) to "lower quality". However, everyytime I play a programme, I get the message, "selected video setting unavailable, choosing alternative". It then tries to play at SD quality which is totally unwatchable.

On contacting LG Support, (and I use the term quite loosely), they insist it's a BBCi player issue and nothing to do with them.

If only the settings would stick to 'lower quality' like I have asked, it would be fine. Any advice?

I already run the latest software download 04.00.10, and it's set to 'auto update'.,


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Here is a photo of the 'fault'.

On the left hand side, you can see that I have chosen the 'lower quality' setting in the video settings, and on the right, you can see that iPlayer ignores that setting and tries to upgrade to SD, (it says you selected video quality is unavailble...)which with a slowish broadband connection is impossible to watch. Am I the only person in the UK to have this problem?



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Well, I just received the following response direct from BBCi Player support:-

""I understand that you have been unable to access the 'lower quality' version of playback on BBC iPlayer on your LG 42PM470T TV.

Unfortunately the LG 42PM470T is not currently supported by BBC iPlayer. A full list of supported LG TVs can be found here:

BBC iPlayer - Help - LG BBC iPlayer Certified Devices

While it may be possible to access BBC iPlayer on an unsupported device we can not guarantee full functionality and a consistency of service.""

Am totally bemused by this, I assumed that BBCi Player was an 'application'., therefore it was the platforms job to comply with it. The only analogy I can think of is if Microsoft had to get a sample of every different laptop & desktop in the world just to make sure Windows would work on it - am I missing something??

Oh, and though we are now almost in September 2012, the BBC 'certified' list contains not one single 2012 LG model!!

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