LG PK590 50" 1080p plasma £549 at Bestbuy (and 10% cashback from Quidco!)


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Looks like it's sold out now, might be worth keeping an eye on though in case it comes back into stock


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This was an offer I do not believe was ever actually available. Bestbuy treated me like cr*p through the whole process. The offer said it was available till the 15th, however price went up well before then, even though it was not in stock. They promised me it would come in on the 6th, they promised they would call me when they investigated, they never did. They did not update their APIs going into revoo/prudent panda for ages, so still advertising £550 when not available at that price. Handy to drive traffic!

When I called today, they said it was out of the stock, the website says it is in. I ask them if they are telling me their website was incorrect, they replied "No, we will have to investigate", LOL they had a slimy politician on the other line. I mean are you gonna tell me black is white next?

Anyway, unpleasant character, denies they did anything wrong advertising at £550 and saying the offer was available till the 15th. Crummy company, stick with Amazon guys, much more consistent pricing & customer service.


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i am holding out for a good deal on one of these.......just missed the last one.


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I am beginning to turn against BB, this is the 2nd time a google search for an item brings them in as the cheapest only for the item to be OS and viola goes up in price when its back in stock.
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