LG - Picture In Picture Question


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I have an "LG RZ-42px II" Plasma, had it over a year now and it has been fantastic.
Starting to use the PIP mode quite a lot at the moment and was interested to know if i could get audio from both picture sources.

I can split the screen 50/50 with audio on one side, swap them if required and get the audio now from the other side and of course lose it from the other.
My 5 year old often hijacks the tv and it would be really cool if we could both watch it with audio. One through the speakers and the other through headphones, or both through headphones. Is there a way to do this?

i have same panel and only way to do it is to have everything linked up to a seperate amp and switch according to what your watching in the 2nd input!

i do this when i wana play computer and not watch a boring girliy show that my mrs is watching, and its a good compromise.

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