LG PF50ks PF50 KS Projector - BBC iPlayer & Full Wireless Use


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Hi All.
I'm a newbie to the forum, and hoping someone out there can help please?....

Earlier this year I bought an LG PF50KS projector.
So far I have only used at home with WIFI.
Due to COVID restrictions, I was looking to take it to a friend's back garden - where there is no wifi - and use it to watch some BBC iPlayer content. After all, it is a portable projector with a claimed c. 90-120mins of battery life.
2 issues right there....

Issue 1
It looks like BBC iPlayer is not available for the LG PF50KS. (I have checked to ensure I have the latest version of Web OS installed, and it is not available via the LG Content store.)

Issue 2
I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 Android smartphone which doesn't support the wired Micro-USB to HDMI protocol that the projector supports.
But I can connect to the projector from my S7 using WIFI direct.
Great - I thought - I'll connect my S7 to the projector via WIFI direct, stream BBC iPlayer on my S7 over mobile data, then screencast / screenshare my phone to the projector via WIFI direct.
Alas - it seems screenshare from phone to projector (via the LG TV Plus app) is only supported over 'regular' WIFI - not WIFI direct - throwing a spanner in the works.

Does anyone know of a way I can use the LG PF50ks with my Android / S7 phone in this scenario?

- Seems very poor, if I'm honest, if not - for LG to have produced a mobile wireles device that can't really be used in this mobile wireless way.

Thanks for reading this for far and for any help / pointers you can provide.


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