LG OLED65BX3LB - Universal control set-up issue


Hi Everybody,

I have the LG OLED65BX3LB since march 2021. Great TV, marvelous remote - everything runs fine.
My audios set-up is done through a 5.1 home theater Panasonic ( old model - around 2007 ) with the help of an optic cable.
Obviously - I want to control them both with the LG Magic remote - and here I start to have 1 single issue, completely inexplicable.

I run the set-up of the remote on LG, everything works fine during set-up - both POWER and SOUND functions of the Panasonic work perfectly fine with the Magic Remote. After I finish the set-up - the Power is not working anymore, only the Volume up and Down buttons ...

I have tried:
  • Different HDMI port on LG Tv ( now I am on HDMI 3 ARC)
  • Different HDMI cables
  • Deleting the profile and setting it up again

Nothing works!

What is extremely intriguing is that during the set-up, everything seems to run well - Power controlling of the Panasonic with the Magic remote is working ...

Any ideas?


I had the same problem with my Bose soundbar, the remote stopped controlling power and volume of the soundbar. I tried everything to fix it to no avail and then suddenly one day it worked again. LG support was of no help.

Good luck


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There's no point in using the ARC HDMI port on your TV if your home cinema is connected via Optical.
Use HDMI ARC if your Home Cinema has ARC and remove the optical cable.

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