LG OLED65B7 Pixel Degradation / Warranty issue


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Hey guys,

Just after some advice as not to sure on how to go about this,

I have a OLED65B7 that was purchased in July 2018 from Richer Sounds.

A few weeks back it had developed a fault where it kept switching off after a few seconds.

Previously i had also noticed some pixel degradation but had put off calling it in, but as the tv now had a major fault mentioned all the issues.

The TV was collected and returned after 2 weeks stating all issues were sorted and also the panel was changed.

However after checking the panel was the same and also the warning for the power board was still appearing. Also the rear panel was not clipped back in as there was now a gap along the back and the HDMI input was also being problematic after return.

Had contacted RR again and they politely rearranged collection with the repairer to reinvestigate.

The engineer has been back in touch with RR and they have mentioned the panel issue is screen burn/image retention and not covered under warranty.

Richer sound have suggested to contact LG directly for a panel replacement and they will reimburse the £300 cost after as a one off gesture.

My concern is that i should only really be dealing with Richer sounds on this and sounds like a bit of a run around to get the tv sorted which is still under warranty.

Also the annoying issue of being without the TV for a few weeks whilst this is being checked by a engineer.

Please see pictured attatched. I would like to think the green line along the top is not possible from screen retention and would have been covered.

Any advise in this situation as even if the panel was replaced it seems like it will likely happen again from what i can see in other threads people have mentioned.


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Richer Sounds

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Hi there,

I was sorry to read of the problems you have been having with your television and offer my apologies.

So that I may investigate further and help resolve the matter, please could you drop me a PM with your details?

Hope to hear from you soon.

Tom Griffiths
Head of Customer Service
Richer Sounds


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I have a 55" B7V bought in July 2018 from Richersounds with the 6 yr warranty. I have put up with the pink tint which made clouds and snow pinkish, green dirty looking and sand reddish, ever since it was new but now the vertical banding is becoming noticeable, particularly in scenes with a lot of red in them. I had also noticed some green colour banding down each side particularly on a yellow screen. Under the Consumer Protection Act 2015 the retailer is your first port of call for all faully goods for up to 6 years, and as my TV was only just over 3 years old and because I had the 6yr guarantee, I contacted Richersounds. They requested I send photos of the problem which I did and I have been kept updated throughout. They said they would send a local service agent out to have a look and today he arrived and said it's a new panel job. I must say they have been excellent so far and the guy said it will be about a week or so and they will come and replace the screen panel. I only hope the new panel doesn't suffer from the same problems! No charge has been mentioned so I assume it's covered under warranty or they accept it wasn't of merchantable quality in the first place, either way they have been brilliant about it - and no, I don't work for them, just giving credit where credit is due!

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