LG OLED65A16LA with Logitech z5500


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I've just got a LG OLED65A16LA and have spent all my funds for the foreseeable future. thing is I'm missing the punchy bass from my last set up which was more a 2007 home theatre pc so still have the Logitech z5500 5.1 speakers from it and was wondering as the new tv has an optical out for audio and the z5500 has an optical input could i use these speakers.
i know the z5500 are old and intended as pc speakers but would they work until i can afford a new speaker system or am i better just sucking up the lack of bass for the foreseeable future.
Any pros and cons or it definitely wont work don't try it would be appreciated.


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The z5500 speakers are definitely an improvement on the built in speakers on the TV.
There will be better dialogue clarity at least by separate driver aimed towards the listener.
So you've got nothing to lose by trying them out.

There are definitely some negatives as speakers are small satellites relying on the sub for all bass . They are also without tweeters and the subwoofer produces boomy inaccurate bass.

It is easy to connect though, just make sure your TV is outputting sound through optical port set as either Dolby digital or DTS as it can't decode other formats.

I owned the z5500 for my pc years ago before I started getting into hifi and did like them at the time. But I'd start looking to piece together a proper home cinema set up when you can, the difference is night and day.
It's something you can build on over time with amp and two speakers for stereo, then add centre, sub, surround etc over time.
There's loads of good deals to be had 2nd hand so worth having a look round when you're ready

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