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Thanks. did you have to call Reliant for that price? Was it online?
Just filled in the on line form on the JL website. It was simple and I had a reply in 3 hours.


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Jut had a look at my receipt...paid £2470 for E7 65" yesterday from Hughes.

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Cyber Monday Update:
Transparent UK have the 55E7N at £2,2257
Co-op Electrical have the 55E7N at £2,324 - use code BFT75 (valid until 27-Nov-17)
Tesco Direct have the 55E7N at £2,396

Original post updated.


There's no 65E7N, only 65E7V.
So why is the 55" called 55E7N? Anwer: It's using the same stand and speaker setup as the 2016 E6, so LG decided against calling it 55E7V.
Both have the same tuner setup, i.e. dual satellite inputs.


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Apologies for the duff info. The co-op image shows one input only (as does the photo on the LG site), but the John Lewis site lists it as having Freesat.

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