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I bought the LG OLED55B8PLA TV 2 months ago. I can say that it has the best value for money in the market. My TV is connected to a desktop computer. I have to write some things to whom chooses to connect the TV to a personal computer. First of all it must have a BLUE RAY DRIVE 4K-friendly, which means a little bit of searching. There are solutions for both LG and ASUS for a good BLUERAY writer / reader. Then the graphic card must support 4K, that means the HDMI port of the card is 2.0 if not, and its 1,4 the TV will play at 30 hrz , and after you will need a DisplayPort 1.2> HDMI Buchse 4K adapter to allow the card to give 60 hrz. But again, if your card has less than 6 GB of memory and is older than 3 or 4 years, the image you will get will not be so good unfortunately.
I had this problem and I learned quickly.
But there is and another solution for you to watch movies in 4K. The processor of theTV and its operating system does a great job so you can connect a hard drive and see everything. The USB of the TV is USB 2.0.
The TV has a very fast menu and the remote control is great and has tremendous performance even through walls.
Everything I have put to play from low-resolution MP4 to MKV 4K has the best picture I have ever seen on TV so far. The A7 Processor makes very good job in the up scaling .
The preferred image for good viewing without any special calibration is Expert (Dark Room) from the factory settings.
It's a jewel in your living room and if you plug it in to a good HOME CINEMA, I do not think you have anything to be jealous of a good home theater. It also has a very good decoder inside and drives the HOME CINEMA amplifier without any problems and better to connect through the optical fiber available on TV or HDMI.
I have to add something more.
1. As far as connecting the TV to the computer, its better to buy a new graphic card, a 590 from RADEON and 1060 from NVIDIA with a minimum of 8 GB memory.A good player is also a need . I tried almost everything. The best i found the POWER DVD version 18 and up and the Gom if someone wants a free program.
2.I also found a bug in the system. There is a sound error. When you only using the optical fiber cable when you close the tv and want to turn it on the sound not working from the main speakers. The TV remains stuck in the optical fiber. I have been informed LG, which have a very good after-sales service and has undertaken to inform the main company and i also sent an e-mail to them. I hope it in the next upgrading of the operating system they will fix it. The only solution i found to this problem is to restart the tv and the audio go to the default settings and the sound return to the main speakers of the tv. I have not found any other solution for now, simple when i use optical fiber cable before I turn off the TV i return the settings to the main speakers and everything is fine.
If someone have any questions, can ask me.

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