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I've had this LG TV for a few years now, and used the Standard modified settings only, sport and movies predominantly.
One the the course of time components and technology has advanced, as we all know.
So this is the situation now for me, it's about the picture settings for the above TV, I have only two devices connected to my receiver a Yamaha a 4K Fire stick, and now an upgraded VM306 firmware update.
Now I notice there are different picture options for both devices, so for the Fire stick it selects Dolby Vision as default, and it's been recommended on this forum to use the cinema option, which I have done but it appears to have a slight green tint to it is this correct?, and the VM360 now has the old faithful various picture options and now I have the HDR in the menu so have selected that, it looks ok but what would be best for movies and sport
So can I please have you recommend to me and if I have the correct option selected and is there a tweak to get the best PQ available.


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For SDR ISF Expert Room bright or dark depending on room.

For HDR Technicolour Expert.

For Dolby Vision Cinema Home is bright room option and Cinema is dark room.

The FireTV converts everything into HDR by default so you want to set it to adaptive were it flips between SDR/HDR depending on the content, see if there is less of a green tint without DV conversion.

You can also try the tint control but I cant recall if thats present in DV picture preset.

If you want to improve motion handling for low frame rate content like movies try setting
trumotion = custom
de-judder to 4
de-blur to 0.

This moderately improves motion at the cost of some occasional side-effects in the image, I find it a good enough compromise without overdoing it as that leads to the soap opera effect.

The VM360 set top box, well you could try any of the above or stick with the standard look if thats what you prefer. The trumotion preset of clear can be useful for sports but be bad for other content.

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