Question LG OLED Service Menu: Tool Option 6: Adaptive Dimming


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Hi there,

I own an LG OLED55C7. In the Service Menu, under Tool Option6, is an option to adjust Adaptive Dimming, with various options available e.g. Weak1, Weak2, Weak3, Medium1.... etc etc. Default is Weak3. Does anyone have knowledge or experience of this setting and what it does? Is it adjusting the ABL? Just want to seek information before changing anything as am too afraid to change anything in here without seeking advice first.

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I don’t know but ‘adaptive dimming’ sounds like it could be the Control for the TVs ambient light sensor or something. Perhaps to do with energy saving settings or ‘smart picture’ mode. The options you see are probably selections to how aggressively the dimming is implemented. Just guessing tho..

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