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Can anyone please share how well the USB recording functionality works on the LG OLED series?

Can you record stuff from the Freeview and Freesat menus or do you have to set a timer manually?
Can you do series link recording?
Can you watch and record a different channel at the same time?

I am trying to find an OLED TV with good USB recording features so I can ditch my Freesat box (Humax) as it is painfully slow starting up, navigating menus etc.

Any feedback much appreciated!


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I’ve had a C9 for a couple of years and use the DVR with a toshiba 500gb hd powered by the TV’s USB port.

the EPG does do series link but is slow to update, sometimes recordings fail or it just doesn’t record. It’s sold as a ‘dual tuner’ TV, but that’s one tuner for Freeview the other for FreeSat. So watching one channel while recording another is not happening unfortunately.

Pretty poor really. I’m just about to buy a Humax Aura.


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Thanks a lot appreciate the feedback. Yeah I had some doubts as to how well the inbuilt TV recorders work. The Humax box I have is really slow to use but it is pretty reliable in terms of recording stuff.

I have been looking at the Sony A8 OLED as I think it has dual tuners for Freeview and also 2 satellite inputs. But I am still not sure how reliable it will be, I may just resort to getting a new Freeview/Freesat also.

Thanks again.


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You're lucky to have recording at all. The recording function has always been disabled on all TVs sold in North America due to concerns over U.S. copyright law.

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