LG OLED recall due to power supply issue?


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Apologies if this has already been discussed. It's been a long time since my last visit. I was a regular lurker back in 2018 when I was researching for my new LG OLED. I eventually bought a LG OLED65C8PLA from my local Richer Sounds. I have been very happy with it, the picture (UHD football) and the interface to the "apps".

The other day the TV did not switch on. I replaced the batteries in the remote. No change. I checked the fuse in the plug. I t was OK. There was no standby LED. I checked the purchase date and it was June 2018, so out of warranty :-( .

I did some internet searches to see if there was anything about this on the web. Found a few YouTube videos showing people replacing boards. I stumbled across a web page on the LG website to report failures. Even though I was out of warranty I started to fill in the information. When I came to the field asking to upload the receipt, I searched my computer and found a PDF of the receipt from Richer Sounds. Well blow me away!!! I immediately saw "6 year free warranty". So I called the RS phone number and the chap at the far end was very helpful. A day or so later I got a call from a local(ish) company to arrange a visit to my property to look at the TV. I had to laugh. Back in the 60's when I was a kid, you often got a visit from a TV repair man, who would take the back off the big bulky (B&W - that's black and white BTW) TV and would replace a broken valve.

So the repair man arrived this morning. He was very friendly and chatty. Wore a mask and removed his shoes before entering the living room. I was impressed. Did a few checks then phoned back to base. He asked me if I had seen the recall notice. I asked "what recall notice". I hadn't had a letter. He said that a message should appear on the TV. Apparently mine is one of the models affected. Apparently the power supply has a problem (what he described sounds like weak capacitors), and that LG are doing a recall. I hadn't seen any message, so this was news to me. Anyway he left and said that he would arrange to return with a new power supply board.

I just did a search and found this text (snipped) on the UK LG website...

"LG Electronics Free OLED TV Power Board Replacement Service

In the process of carrying out a voluntary replacement service in South Korea where a TV power board issue was first reported, LG has continued to investigate the possibility of certain TV models being affected in other markets..."


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An update.

Yesterday 2 operatives from the company which (I assume) Richer Sounds had used to fulfill the warranty, arrived at my home. I was pleased to see two people, as it is obvious that a single person cannot lift a 65" TV by his/herself. There was an older guy who took the lead, and a younger guy who assisted. Both wore masks and took off their shoes before entering my living room. They brought with them a padded trestle.

The TV was placed face down on the trestle and then an electric screwdriver was used to remove 10 to 20 screws in the rear plastic panel. It was also retained by clips, but he removed this quickly. Underneath were 3 circuit boards (PCB). The left-most was the power supply board. This was held in by 6 screws which were quickly removed, and the new power supply board was quickly put in its place, the connectors re-made and the screws re-fitted. The TV was plugged in and confirmed to give a picture. The the rear plastic cover and screws were replaced. This took a few tries to get it to fit correctly. The TV stand was then re-fitted and the TV was stood back on the side board. Finally a few more checks were made to confirm that the TV was fully operational.

Finally I was asked if I would like the screen cleaning. It had got finger marks from where it had been lifted and there were two faint marks from the trestle. This took only a minute or so, but I appreciated being asked.

All in all they were only here about 15 to 20 minutes.

I'm surprised to see no comments to my first posting, as they confirmed the power supply board issue and free swap over, and said that they had already done over a hundred swaps.
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Just seen this, posted my issue of TV went off and that was it, dead. As per that thread it was collected and deemed to be the screen, but as no screens were available it makes me wonder.
Only just received a replacement and must add I am unconvinced all will be well now 🥴

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Does your G1 screen gets warm? I can feel the heat from 30cm. I do have the plastic films on both sides. Can anyone confirm removing it sorts out the heating issue?
I had the film on my B9 and C1 and the screen wasn't hot at all. Maybe it's ok for the EVO panel to be warm and removing the film doesn't do anything.

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First thing I did was remove film from both sides of my LG 55 inch CX, the screen doesn't get hot at all.

Only had that funny plastic smell for about month or so, no other problems.
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