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Hi, I am hoping someone can help me with this issue as I am completely lost. I’ll try and explain the problem as clearly as possible but please ask if more detail is required.

The set up is that I have an LG Oled and a PS5. There are of course other devices attached via USB and HDMI ports. Recently when I play the PS5, a number of things start to happen very frequently. The TV may turn itself off or off and then back on or the game may freeze, go to a single colour screen etc. The game is still playing in the background in that I can hear it and control it with the games pad and the events continue in game so the PlayStation itself seems uninterrupted by this happening.

When I instead plug in my gaming monitor to the PS5 I do not have this problem at all.

I was using my PlayStation headphones but tried without and no problem and again all fine when switched to my monitor.

I did try turning off the setting on the PS5 for HDMI device link in case something was happening there but no difference.

It is worth noting that the TV does not run in to any difficulty with any other use that I’ve discovered.

Please help if you can as this is a very frustrating issue.


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Are you using the HDMI cable that came with your PS5? This will support all the HDMI 2.1 features. If you are using a generic cable then this may be what the issues is.

LG may also have a setting called HDMI UHD Deep Colour, or something similar that you may need to enable in the Tv menu.


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Ok thank you I will check for such a setting.

I am using the cable that came with the PS5.


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It has just come to mind that it is worth adding this is something that didn’t happen previously and has recently started.

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