LG OLED: No sound, image only from DVD Player


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I want to share with you my experience about an issue I just solved a few hours ago. Hope this sharing will help someone someday.

Issue: I got no sound when playing a DVD / Blu-ray. The DVD player (an old Harman-Kardon) was plugged into my LG DSN11RG soundbar linked to my LG CX6 TV via HDMI arc (TV: HDMI 2). Results of this: Picture was there. No sound.

Changing the DVD Player HDMI cable, switching HDMI ports in the soundbar, or plugging the DVD player directly into the HDMI 3 port of the LG TV made no difference: Picture was always there. But there was still no sound.

The "miracle" happened (it's Easter, after all) when I turned OFF the HDMI Ultra HD Deep Color option on the HDMI 3 in the TV settings. There is now both sound + image from my DVD player.

Happy Easter to you all !


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Registered to say thank you for the post! Turning off HDMI deep color on my LG tv finally worked to get sound from my cox cable box.

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