LG OLED network dropout


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Hi guys,

I've had my LG OLED since November and I'm absolutely loving the picture quality.

Over the last 3 or 4 weeks I've noticed that the TV keeps intermittently dropping it's ethernet connection.

It's taken me a little while to troubleshoot. I've tried different switch port, new ethernet cable and even a completely different switch.

Last night I factory reset the box.

Still happening.

I'm still in warranty so I'll get it sorted but wondered if anyone else suffered similar thing. I'm thinking its probably just a dry joint. Will the whole unit be replace or would the faulty module be replaced? It's a good panel and I'm worried I'd get something worse.



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Not had this fixed yet, I had a repair booked in with Curry's but had to withdraw due to a skiing trip. I'll get this booked in again this week. Unit has to go away for a week!
Can they come to fix? it 's ridiculous.
My solution is that i am currently using WIfi and I have left the wire connected. In this way when i turn on the tv sometime it is using the wire and other time (when it doent recognise ip) it will switch to the wifi.


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So the unit went away on 21st march, diagnosed with a faulty power cord - I had to cut it and extend it so it would reach up the trunking. They also stated it had corrupted software; I'm calling BS.
Anyway it was finally redelivered on sat 30th. Used it that evening, low and behold, wired network disconnects.

I don't trust this unit now, want it replaced; I'll run the risk of a worse panel.

Called them back up today, has to go back to their repair facility in Newark again for assessment. If deemed a hardware issue only then will they replace.

I argued with the duty manager that another week without a TV is ridiculous. The manage did say that the engineering report stated they had to factory reset the unit because there was no evidence of it being previously reset, even though I did that for the sake of it.

It's being picked up tomorrow. Fingers crossed they just write it off.


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Thought I'd update this.

Currys had it in for repair twice and cannot replicate the issue. I work in IT and understand intermittent issues can be hard to diagnose.

Anyway I've lived with it for a bit, it's still doing it, but I'm frankly sick of talking to people that probably know less about networking than I do.

It was only when using Plex again the other night and we suffered two network drops that I decided I'd pursue it again. Not with Currys this time though... I thought sod it, I'll log a case with LG direct.

They called me back asking for proof of purchase, I pinged that across and asked what the process would be. I didn't really want the unit going away again, it's just inconvenient. Because it's an oled, they send engineers to site!
I stand a chance of the issue being witnessed by a third party whilst it's in my home environment.

They are looking at Tuesday next week, I'm just waiting for confirmation from the third party; Equinox

I'll update once it's been long at.


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Update again.
Equinox came to my home and the engineer luckily saw the issue first hand. The main board was replaced.

Low and behold, issue is still present.
Probably worth saying that I completely isolated the TV into a switch all on it's own with nothing else connected, network disconnects still present on screen.

Reported it back to LG again, I was advised that I can either pursue a replacement with Currys or have it booked back in for further investigation. They did say that if Equinox deem the unit beyond economical repair then a report goes back to LG and they issue me the paper work required to get a replacement unit from Currys.
I decided that I couldn't be bothered to converse with Currys any more so the repair was booked back in.

Equniox have ordered in another main board, well, we know this isn't going to solve the issue.

Here is hoping that Currys no longer have stock of the 65 B8, I'll happily take a B9.

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