LG OLED Image Problem, Can You Diagnose?


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Forgive me if this has been posted before, I will happily close the thread if it has but I couldn't find anything similar.

I am having a very brief image issue on my 65" LG OLED CX.
It happens when there is a very fast moving object on screen whilst watching 4K discs.

They are being played on an Oppo 203 via a Marantz 7013.

It is very very brief, difficult to describe, it looks like blocking, or the fast moving bit of the screen appears to kind of break up and you can see square ish blocks, just for fractions of a second.

It only appears to be certain discs so unsure whether it's a disc fault, a panel fault, the player, the HDR, Dolby Vision etc etc.

I have attached two pictures, it was hard to photograph.
They are from the UHD of Joker, as he walks into the cinema you get a shot of the flickering light from the projector and it happened then.
It also happened earlier in the film when a subway train flashed across the screen.

I have only noticed this on 4K discs so far, but I haven't watched many standard blu rays lately.

I haven't noticed it happening whilst playing PS5 games.

If I can provide anymore information that might help please let me know.

Any thoughts anyone?



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Is this your first oled tv.?
I’m not sure whether I see what you mean on those pictures but here are few suggestions.
Oleds tend to exaggerate compression artefacts much more than lcd panels so it could be that.
It could also be caused by frame interpolation (Dejudder)
Or maybe BFI Black frame insertion (can’t remember what it’s called on lg tv).
Try disabling those features if they are enabled and test again.


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Thanks for your reply.
It's very difficult to show.
I had a 55 inch LG C7 before this and never noticed it.
I thought I had everything turned off, but will go back and check the things you mention.


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It'll happen regardless of gear.


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Just compression. Nowt to do with your telly.


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Just compression. Nowt to do with your telly.
Just to resurrect this thread...
Why do some discs seem to be more prone than others?
I've just had a speaker upgrade and have been watching different scenes from various discs.
Put the DB5 chase from No Time To Die on, noticed the same issue in certain shots.
Shots inside the car, when looking at one character close up and the background is whizzing past their face in the background I can notice now and again it breaks up, for a fraction of a second. It's one of those things once you notice it, you can't un-see it!
How is compression causing that?


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@Rolph77 I don’t think it’s compression, certainly not on a decent 4K disc.

Have you got trumotion turned on? Older LG TVs were prone to many motion artefacts even with trumotion on its lowest settings, and would show this kind of image issue with fast movement, especially around flickering light or fast movement of small objects.

Good scenes to check for this are in The Revenant when Leonardo DiCaprio’s writing on the wall of the cave at night, in Alien when Ripley sets the timer towards the end and the room is full of billowing smoke, and when Tyrell talks to Deckard after Rachel leaves his office in Blade Runner. They’re full of complicated / challenging movement such as flickering, smoke etc. The earlier processing technology couldn’t deal with the complicated motion in such scenes and would introduce what look like jagged shapes within the image’s most complicated motion, whereas on a Sony these images would be fine as their motion algorithms are much more advanced. LG have however improved it a lot with the newest generation of OLEDs.

Before anyone jumps in saying that all interpolation at all settings is awful and everyone looks sped up, on the lowest settings a decent frame interpolation system does not cause any kind of noticeable soap opera effect, it just takes the edge off the worst 24 frame judder which on an OLED will be very noticeable due to its superb motion response time. It’s when people turn it up to the higher settings that motion starts to look terrible. If you’ve got trumotion on, try lowering it to 1 or 2 out of 10 to see if that helps with the issues. Or on the CX you may have a ‘cinematic movement’ option or similar that will help.

So I would suggest that you have a look at your motion settings and see what they’re set to, then try changing them to see if the effect is reduced / stopped. Cheers!
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Thanks for the reply, much appreciated.
I'm now off to work but will check Alien, Bladerunner and The Revenant discs tonight.

Quick settings check:

Filmmaker mode (user)
Noise reduction off
Mpeg noise reduction off
Smooth gradation off
Real cinema on
Motion eye care off
Tru motion off

The way you describe what I'm seeing is the closest description I've yet read.
Very annoying if it's just this model of TV and can't be fully rectified. I can't justify another TV for many years yet!


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Do you know roughly where in The Revenant the cave scene is? I've been flicking through and I can't find it?
Is it the rock cave after he's been in the river or the ice cave when he writes about his son being killed?


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Try turning real cinema off, but that shouldn’t really introduce artefacts as it’s so mild. But on my C6 trumotion even set to 1 out of 10 introduced lots of issues with image break up and artefacts. Good luck!


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Do you know roughly where in The Revenant the cave scene is? I've been flicking through and I can't find it?
Is it the rock cave after he's been in the river or the ice cave when he writes about his son being killed?
Hi, it’s as you say in the ice cave when he writes the message.


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OK so, following a bit of testing, here's an interesting update...

The problem seems to be Dolby Vision HDR.

The Revenant 4K disc HDR10 - no issues in the cave scene.
Bladerunner Final Cut 4K disc HDR10 - no issues in Tyrrel's office.
Alien standard blu-ray disc - no issues in the timer scene.
No Time To Die standard blu-ray - no issues in the chase scene.
Joker standard blu-ray - no issues as he walk down the steps into the cinema with the projector flashing above him.

Yet, with Bond and Joker 4K discs playing in Dolby Vision, both have the issue clearly visible in the above scenes.

I have not played about with any motion settings yet to see if it makes a difference.

I have had a little look through the settings on the Oppo 203 and it doesn't seem like I can disable Dolby Vision and use a 'lesser' form of HDR.


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Ah OK so we might be getting somewhere I think. What picture mode do you go into with DV content? It could well be that trumotion is engaging at a high level when you play DV material, as it will be a different preset on your TV

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