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Hello there,
I recently bough a LG OLED GX and I was enjoying the view but all of sudden image started to change in disturbing way. I contacted LG technicians and explained my concern as best as I can but somehow they claim there is noting wrong with my tv.

I'd like to share a few images and ask for your opinion. Is it a general case for all LG OLED tvs or it's just me.
Blacks are terrible through edges as you can see from images. Technicians think it is all about resolution by I face the very same problem with 4K and DolbyVision as well.

At the Image_03, you can see the grey screen just before tv is opening Netflix application. I thing there are obvious grading problems with this panel. At Image_02 you can see same pattern as well which is HD stream content from Netflix.

Is there any one who experienced same problems or anyone who can enlighten me about the situation.

By the way LG Turkey is not helping at all and I try to contact to LG Global. If any of you have LG Global customer service contact email, it would be great if you share it with me.

Thanks in advance.
Best regards.


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Hi Boss - i have also experienced this on my new BX LG OLED, please see pictures attached. Did you find a solution to the problem? It happens in dark scenes mostly, and when dark goes into bright.


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To determine whether this is an actual fault with the TV, it would be useful to confirm that it happens with all sources.

Streaming services might claim to be HD or 4K, but they still use compression to deliver the material to you that can cause effects like that. If an OLED TV doesn't have great near-black performance, then that'll also makes things worse. I've seen similar posterisation while streaming material in HD on the BBC iPlayer that wasn't present when watching the original Freeview broadcast.

Ideally, you need to feed it a good quality source like a 1080p or 4K Blu-ray and see if the problem persists.


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Hi Mike - Thanks for the response. I ran the same source on a friends TV LG OLED (2 years old) and didn't see this problem. Also, see the same issue on all sources.
Could you please try 22 July (film on Netflix), and look at this scene in the first 6-7min.



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Hi Mike - Thanks for the response. I ran the same source on a friends TV LG OLED (2 years old) and didn't see this problem. Also, see the same issue on all sources.
Could you please try 22 July (film on Netflix), and look at this scene in the first 6-7min.


Just watched that minute or so of the film in 4K HDR in both Dolby Vision Dark and Light modes on my Panasonic GZ950 and had no distracting issues.

Saying that, I can see why the dark scenes might cause issues in certain circumstances. It was a little grainy in places and some of the scenes featuring large single blocks of colour (eg. the wall in the flat) showed some very mild posterisation, but that's only on close-up analysis - it was nothing that took me out of the movie at a normal viewing distance.

For info - my TV is wired directly to my router via ethernet and 4K Netflix steams at around 15Mbps, which seems to be standard at the moment. are you definitely getting the max possible for 4K ?

I tried taking some photos for you but it's pointless, as the phone tries to compensate for the lack of light in the room and makes the picture look far worse than it is in real life.


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Thank you Mike. I am streaming at around 50Mbps though wireless. The content is Netflix HD.
I can try using a wired connection. Having said that the retailer has offered a replacement, my only worry is what if the replacement turns out to be worse than this :)
Guessing reading the other threads in the forums that OLED screens are a gamble / luck.


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Ah - if you're watching Netflix in HD, then comparison with my 4K stream probably won't be as relevant.

I just checked a few Netflix HD streams and they seem to be running at between 1 and 2Mbps at the moment which is a small fraction of what a good quality source like a Blu-ray provides, so it's not surprising that this low bitrate might cause issues occasionally with certain content. I wonder if that could be a contributing factor to your issue ?

When you say you see it on all sources, does that include Blu-rays ? The only reason I keep mentioning this is because it's probably the best quality signal you're going to be able to feed it so if it happens with a Blu-ray, then it's probably going to happen with all sources and may actually be a fault.

Supposedly better near-black handling was one of the reasons I chose Panasonic over LG back in 2019 - I'm not sure whether the more recent LG sets are supposed to be any better ? I would head over to the GX Owner's thread and ask someone else to check that clip, but make sure it's in HD for a fairer comparison.

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