LG Oled for my dark room and Samsung Neo Qled for my light room


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Not a new idea of course. But since I can now afford to have two rooms for each in my condo then I'll soon get my first LG Oled TV. Mainly for games and movies run on a PC. Maybe a 65" or 75" 2022 model when it comes out. And use it in my bedroom with the windows covered since I've read the LG will look best in the dark. And it has better contrast than Samsung in general from the reviews.

And in my well lighted bedroom I already have a 2021 Samsung Neo Qled TV which has great detail and colors. The brightness with its FALD can make for an overall better picture than an LG in some games from what I've read. And possibly in some movies too depending on the movie and the reviewer. And I believe it so far but I'll find out when the new LG TVs come out in a couple months. And the well lit room makes the high brightness of the Samsung easier for my eyes to deal with.

And since I've mentioned in other posts I prefer a nice high resolution in games (a ppi of at least 100) then it looks like I'll have to go 8k for a 65"-75" TV of either brand. And a PC with a 3090 video card assuming it will get me 25 fps or more in games. I just play games in exploration easy story mode so that low fps is ok with me. I'm not much for action parts or the story. But all that's for another thread.

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