Question LG OLED E9 Magenta/pink flashes


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Hi all

I recently purchased an LG 55E9 before Christmas. Is it normal to see magenta patches flash up when watching dark scenes. I first noticed it when watching Christmas Carol on sky, it was happening every couple of minutes or so. It is also present when watching Dracula plus I get small bright green blobs every now and again. Sorry for my terminology total noob here.

Thanks in advance.



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Certainly not,seems faulty. Does it show in all content?

I would contact the retailer Asap as that should not be happening.


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I’ve not noticed it when playing games through PS4 pro. But have seen it mainly when watching content through sky hd box and aLeo on the Netflix app on the tv.


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Would have thought that there is a fault with the tv if you are getting the issue from more than 1 source. I’d get that swapped out ASAP.
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