LG OLED CX TV, Playstation 5, and a Sony HT-ST5000 Soundbar Connection


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I have a playstation 5, an CX OLED LG Tv, and a Sony HT-ST5000 soundbar. Right now I have the playstation 5 hooked up directly up to the soundbar, but should I have an hdmi cable going for the ps5 to the tv, and then another hdmi cable going from the tv to the sony soundbar? Would the sound be better, and if so why? Which way sounds better if there is any difference or change? Any help would be appreciated, of course I watch YouTube videos which just makes me even more confused. I know thia forum has always been very informative to a novice like me and again would appreciate any assistance. Thank you


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There is no difference in audio quality.

Highest quality audio from PS5 is multi-channel PCM and that should be what your getting if PS5 is directly connected to the soundbar.

If you go with soundbar/TV HDMI-eARC with PS5 connected directly to the TV you will get also get multi-channel PCM though the TV must be configured for this.

For HDMI-eARC usage with LG WebOS
Sound Out = HDMI ARC
HDMI Input Audio Format = bitstream
Digital Sound Out = pass-through
eARC = enabled

On PS5 set its sound settings
HDMI device type = AV amplifier
number of channels = 5.1
audio format = PCM


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Thank you so much for responding to my question, I appreciate the help very much. So I should just leave it alone then because it makes no difference? With the Playstation HDMI hooked into the soundbar right? Instead of messing around with an hdmi cable from the tv to the ps5 and then the tv to the soundbar?


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Hi! @next010. Up to now I had my HTST5000 configured in the PS5 as HDMI device type = sounbar. It better to have it as AV amplifier? When it comes to the 5.1 channels, any additional config needed for the position of the channels? Thanks much!

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