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Hey Everyone,

Complete NOOB here. Just had a 65"OLED CX series installed. Love everything about the TV so far. At least once a day I get a random pop up menu at bottom of the screen that says "Select a menu item. It goes away on its own in like 20 seconds. Pic below. Is there any way to disable this?
Thanks in advance!


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Thats a HDMI-CEC (LG branded Simplink) menu, CEC allows controls of devices through the TV.

The TV is probably detecting your soundbar and/or set top box as a HDMI-CEC device so when you press a certain button on a remote it brings up this menu to select which device the action should be taken on.

Stopping it is tricky because HDMI-CEC does not offer fine grained control, if you turn if off then auto power on/off and volume control of devices will likely stop working.

If using a TV cable/sat set top box check its settings to see if you can turn off CEC but if not it is possible to buy HDMI-CEC less adapters for your HDMI cable that do it at a hardware level.


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Hi next010, thanks for your reply. The TV is connected via HDMI ARC to soundbar. Other HDMI used is my Roku device and DVD player. I am using the Roku remote to control everything with the exception of input, for which I use the LG remote. Funny, only happens when my 8 yr old is watching TV, so that may have something to do with it. Thanks for your input!

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