LG OLED BX55 green line which increased in size unknown screen crack, no warranty cover


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Hi, just wanted to make this post to see if anyone else has had the same problem. I recently purchased an LG BX65 OLED tv from AO and have really enjoyed the picture quality, as it’s my first 4K. The TV has unfortunately however, developed an issue. It started as a very thin green line which went away pretty quickly, reappeared a day later and then escalated to the picture below. Now the tv just shows these lines then switches itself off. I contacted LG for a repair and was told initially that it would be covered and an engineer would be out to repair. A few days later I was told that there was a crack on the screen and it would cost me £999 (more than the cost of the tv) to repair. This is without them sending anyone to look at it. I’m obviously very disappointed as it is only a couple of months old. There has been no external damage since it has been in my home and was setup with two people following a tutorial on the net as I was aware that they are quite fragile. It has been in frequent use with being in lockdown and I’ve heard that they get very hot when on for long periods. Could this heating and cooling have caused a crack or made worse some imperfection or something? Anybody had this kind of thing happen? I have read a few examples of people complaining of the same thing on LG’s customer reviews. If I had known about the crack in first place I wouldn’t have contacted warranty as that invalidates insurance claims (so I’ve been told anyway). I’m thinking of complaining/contacting the ombudsman but not sure it would really get me anywhere. Cheers


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In case anyone sees this and has the same problem, it’s the retailers responsibility to sort these kinds of problems. AO were great and are replacing the TV this Saturday 😊
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